Vauban is a premier solutions provider headquartered in London which designs and implements customised cyber solutions for our clients globally.

We strongly believe that only a defence in depth approach can adequately strengthen the defences of any enterprise or government entity. Every environment is unique and requires a tailor made solution. We recommend that enterprises and governments should adopt a strategy that bundles a number of complementary technology solutions, which together create a uniquely secure environment against those who would wish to harm you and damage your most valuable digital assets.

Vauban also advocates that the best, most innovative technologies are required to keep ahead of the cyber adversary. These innovative technologies are usually found within emerging technology and medium sized companies who also tend to be more agile and flexible to their customers’ needs. Vauban utilises its proprietary vetting processes to identify, evaluate and validate their suppliers to ensure they deliver cost effectively the highest quality products. Most of our companies have been accredited by GCHQ’s CESG or have previously supplied their products and services to the British Government and commercially referenceable organizations.

Vauban enables our customers to have access to the most secure cyber platform within the industry. We provide all of our customers with a single source to manage all their cyber requirements through one contract, with local support.